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Harmattan Light Miner Harmattan Light Miner

independent multilingual mining magazine - founded TRI 102.6.20

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Snapshots of the Harmattan Prototype run on TRI  102.6.20

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Harmattans mining ‘roid, using 4 Financier lasers. by Quorx

Fastest mining rate ever: 4 Financiers. by Quorx

Harmattan (non-armed mining configuration). by Quorx

Harmattan delivering ore to depot at Quantar Gate. by Quorx

mining at Quantar Gate, near JG to unreg. by Quorx

Harmattan testing mining laser damage to a TRI ship. Or is it blessing ?? by Quorx

Simultaneous mining to a pure ‘roid. Checking new ship’s capabilities. by Quorx

Harmattans facing Phoon. Votes for “nicest ship” accepted. by Quorx






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