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Artifacts will give your ship additional functionality. They can be sold to other players and stations, but are not available on stock. If an artifact is found and recovered, another one will appear somewhere in this sector...

To get any artifact, you need 2 equipment parts: 'InSight' and 'Displacer'.

As you may want to visit places of interest again, I recommend installing a Rotacol MODx device, too. It is also of great use if you want to perform some search patterns in space. Also of some help is a Duelist (see below).

Insight (weapon slot)   Displacer (MODx slot)

Searching for Artifacts

Artifacts hide in some wreckage from ancient times. This is one example:

The artifact wreckage is a new type of and different from the 'ruins' you may have seen before while flying from JG to JG (when 'artifact season' not yet had begun).
Artifact wreckage ('AW') will show up on your radar similar to beacon or sector buildings (same color, and selectable as target). And it will disappear once you got the arty that hides inside.

It seems that all AW is located somewhere within an about 80 to 120k distance range from sector midpoint (value may change !). There are several discussions about good search patterns. You may want to look for yourself at Quorx's Artifact Search Patterns. There are no AWs within station sectors.

For a first trial, we select (target) - let say - the sectors beacon. Then fly from it to 100k distance. Now turn until you are in an about 90degree angle to your 'midpoint' and fly a BIG circle round it. If you have Duelist installed, you’ll see that your 'aim circle' just appears when you have about 90deg angle to the midpoint (or smaller angle). This can help you determine when to change direction a little bit.

Check your radar for objects. As said before, AW looks like sector building. If you can’t target it, it’s not worth looking at (except you want to catalog some ‘roids for myRotacol, hehe). Don’t forget to watch out for fluxies or even pirate guys.

Be patient (have your beard cut from time to time, as it covers spaceship controls with ongoing search).

Record AW coordinates, even if the one you - hopefully - find disappears after retreiving the goods. There might be some chances to find more there later on...

Retrieving an Artifact

Congrats, you finally found an AW ! Getting the hidden thing inside isn’t a big issue now.

With InSight and Displacer installed, approach the AW. Select correct weapon (InSight), and activate it. Then fly towards the wreckage with about speed 10, and hit the AW with your laser beam. It will soon disappear and you’ll find an item within your cargo bay. You’ll get some exp, too. You can check your cargo with command line instruction /cargo later on.

Remember that you need some (low !) speed to get this to work. Just 'mining' the AW will not succeed.

Once beeing an experienced artifact searcher, you may want to check the wreckages content before retrieving an arty. There is some “lettering” on the AW. With a corresponding database open, you can then determine if retrieving is worth it. In our case here, however, we take all we can get...

Classify an Artifact

If you want to know what the weird thing you just found is good for, just go to Quorx's Artifact Search Patterns. There is an artifact auction (the one myRotacol links to) and an arti database as well.

Ghost Artifacts

In case you encounter two identical artifacts at the same location, you just found a 'ghost artifact'. You will be able to retrieve one of these two, the other one will stay on your radar (still visible in space), but no way to get it into your cargo hold. It is recommended you jump out of the sector and in again to get rid of your ghost.
Note: Another (new) artifact will spawn somwhere in the sector once you got the first of the two items (you can't get the second one anyway). So, jumping the sector is not necessarily needed to continue your quest. The ghost thingy will be sorta annoying on your next round, though...

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