Backend: JG Server Status Backend 14.08.2018 10:21

The myRotacol Jossh Serverstatus Backend

In case you want to add JG server status information to your own homepage, you may want to use the myRotacol backend for this. Other backends provide XML output, thus giving a lot more flexibility. This one doesn’t. It is meant to assist the lazy copy’n paste-webauthor.

This file will generate javascript code (it is not useful to call this url directly and view it with your browser). Output will look like this:

document.write("<!-- JG server parsing -->");
document.write("<table cellspacing='0' cellpadding='0' border='0'>");
document.write("<tr><td nowrap>");
document.write("<u>Jumpgate World Server</u>");
document.write("<tr><td nowrap>");
document.write("Server Status: <b>OK</b>");
document.write("<tr><td nowrap>");

You can add this code to your site using the html “script” command. Data from Jossh is retrieved via a CronJob (an independant process is running every 10 minutes, providing data for the a.m. serverstatus.php-script).

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Just place this line where you want the status information to show up. Using tables for formatting is recommended. Informations will show up on your homepage like this:

     Jumpgate World Server
     Server Status: OK

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