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Download roid database as *.txt-file

Using the link(s) mentioned below, a text file named 'myrotaroids2.txt' ('myrotaroids.txt' respectively) is created and sent for download. Feel free to do further local processing. First line is timestamp of creation. Then raw data follows, separated by ';' (without ‘roid comments). Each roid entry terminates with an CR/LF. To avoid any confusion with local decimal signs ('.' point vs. ',' comma), all rotacol values are multiplicated by 1000. E.g., an entry like '20.4 -12.3 9.1' will show up as '20400 -12300 9100'.

Important note: Since the database structure changed a bit, the recent downloadable file is named “xxxxxx2”. In case one uses the old format (‘roid size not handled as a dedicated data column), there are still the old routines available. They provide up to date data.

OLD Format
myRotacol Roid Positions (rawdata.php) Created: 2002-08-04 20:56:59;
0;Quantar;Ekoo`s Stop;-31000;20400;11600;semifluxor;38881;med 70% semifluxors;Miquant;2002-01-01 17:41:53;7;100
1;Quantar;Quantar Depot;-25600;-17600;-3500;prec. metals;31263;big about 50% gems;Miquant;2002-01-01 01:13:39;12;92

NEW Format
myRotacol Roid Positions (rawdata2.php) Created: 2002-08-04 20:57:11;
0;Quantar;Ekoo`s Stop;-31000;20400;11600;semifluxor;med;38881;about 70% semifluxors;Miquant;2002-01-01 17:41:53;7;100
1;Quantar;Quantar Depot;-25600;-17600;-3500;prec. metals;big;31263;about 50% gems;Miquant;2002-01-01 01:13:39;12;92

Updating from a remote program

In case you write some program that needs to update ’roid data online, call the mentioned link(s) as well. You can do a 'MiningTracker' (or whatever), getting up to date information. From a VC++ program, a routine could look like this (no try/catch blocks and other security features here; just to show the 'howto'):
void CMyRotacolUpdateDlg::OnStartButton()
// using some code got from

CInternetSession* pInternetSession;
pInternetSession = new CInternetSession();

m_sData = "";  // CString containing data

CHttpFile* pFile = (CHttpFile*)pInternetSession->OpenURL(

if (pFile)
  char buf[256];
  while( int iRead = pFile->Read( buf, 255 ) )
   buf[iRead] = '\0';
   m_sData += CString( buf );

  delete pFile;

delete pInternetSession;


Links/Downloads to receive 'myrotaroids2.txt' (new format) to receive 'myrotaroids.txt' (old format)

myRotacolUpdate.exe to download sample application (23kB, Apr02) to download sample source code (32kB, Apr02)

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