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Site History

Dec30/2001 first release
Jan3/2002 gossip from PJG mentioned this site in his news section, thus increasing clicks a lot. thanks for your help !
Jan5/2002 automatic upload for snapshot pics enabled.
Jan9/2002 I killed the message board database by accident.
Jan11/2002 uploaded first part of a 'roid data file provided by bobeeb. first artefact info entered. some minor changes.
Jan12/2002 enabled mailing list support.
Jan26/2002 changed editor. site framework now built by Netobjects Fusion (NOF), php code by PHASE5. removed message board, as there was not much happening there. changed layout colors to 'less loud'. added selections to ‘roid list. minor content changes.
Jan27/2002 changed site font style due to css problems. that netscape really sucks. and WYSIWYG-editors do, too.
Feb1/2002 added 'your comment' page (guestbook)
Feb2/2002 mining database: selection of sectors now only lists sectors with roid data available; added check if similar roid is already in database (X,Y,Z range <0.5).
Feb5/2002 added squad page to framework. but no information yet
Feb11/2002 added 'Roids & Co.' section. giving some hints on mining. opened US ‘roid database. removed PJG status msg from main page, as it caused some lagging (blame jossh for that)
Feb12/2002 closed US ‘roid database, as positions are the same for EU and US server. better should have asked before... ;-)). removed hoax position 'huge radio field at cornea'.
Feb14/2002 added MajorFreak’s post to Roids&Co., minor layout changes
Feb16/2002 database: list can be paged; selection 'roid type'; selection 'new entries'; speeded up data access a bit.
Feb23/2002 rating option of ‘roid coordinates enabled. hope, we can find out hoax coords better. not yet secured via cookies, multiple votes possible. space related to sector is now on automatic select (at 'new roid position').
Mar3/2002 added 'news' to main page. reworked squad page
Mar8/2002 added 'Database Statistics' to ‘roid database
Mar9/2002 added event report to 'Squad Page'
Mar17/2002 you can now comment on ‘roid positions. to view, click on 'ratings'-number in list
Mar23/2002 added links to *new* mining forum at PJG
Mar24/2002 added 'entries per author' to database statistics. first draft of squad guidelines.
Mar25/2002 added Special 'The Sleeping Sentinent'
Mar30/2002 added 'roid distance from 0/0/0' to output. added 'download raw data' section: database available for download now. sample program 'update of ‘roid positions with local clients'
Apr2/2002 reworked sample program m.a., did not work on W98 (now it does)
Apr5/2002 added some data to squad page. enabled counter and IP log to raw-data  file. there is some internal squad discussion about providing the raw data download. we start gathering statistics now.
Apr7/2002 restricted area for squad members online
Apr13/2002 added another event report to 'Squad Page'
Apr20/2002 new site section 'For Sale'. we offer squad-found artifacts there. added event report 'Arti.Party.2'
Apr28/2002 added info to 'download raw data'. added msg count to 'your comment'
May3/2002 changed layout. added intro-site. removed 'things-to-come' area
May4/2002 added poll about the new design. added listing numbers of subscribers to mailing list. change layout of /home a bit
May11/2002 page and download for new tool 'JGRot' available. tried again to improve layout for Netscape Navigator. didn’t work. it still looks terrible. sigh.
May17/2002 new version of JGRot online. added 'links' page. think it could be useful once PJG is gone...
May20/2002 'links' page now with click counter
May24/2002 added Mystery88’s report about flux investation to 'special' site. added code to catch sql errors if the database is down
May25/2002 added new sector Canis9502 to sector list. did 1st database cleanup. based on comments, 19 entries were changed or deleted
May29/2002 added 'boards' link to menu. linking to our external boards (myRotacol/JGRot/Quorx’s Artifact Pattern Site Board)
June6/2002 batch upload of KC squad roid data (146 new positions out of 322 submitted; I applied automatic filters, but some entries still report the same ‘roid). changed the snapshot list a bit. added JGRot download timeline to 'statistics' page
June9/2002 'statistics' page separated (roid positions/JGRot) to avoid server processing time limit cut-offs (hope it works). added download of 'SMTP (BETA)' to the 'special' section.
June15/2002 added another event report to 'Squad Page'. changed database structure: there is a dedicated column for 'roid size' now. Still have to update about 1000 older entries manually   :-(
June22/2002 added another event report to 'Squad Page'. manual update of existing entries still running (700 of 1000 done). closed 'for sale' section, linking directly to Q’s ArtiAuction now
June23/2002 'The Harmattan Journal - Magazine for ambitious miner' online ('special sec.')
June30/2002 added another event report to 'Squad Page'. couldn’t join this time, was playing NeverWinter Nights ;-)
July7/2002 new event report.
July11/2002 added a few new link pictures
July12/2002 changed database list: 'ID' is shown now instead of 'No.' ('ID' can be used as an unique entry reference); reduced html output of roid position list.
July19/2002 Mining Database Main Page: Interface and query routines rebuilt from crap, trying to use more structured programming. Added new selection combinations and dynamic row-highlighting (js).
Aug3..6/2002 OMG, while adding new page 'roid pricing', the WYSIWYG editor's (NetObjects Fusion) main datafile went corrupt. had to rebuild the whole site, using code fragments. now using text editor (Phase5), all switched to php. ARRGH.
Aug14/2002 started poll about myRota brand items (coffeepot, T-shirt and things). reworked history page.
Aug29/2002 damn, there was a bug within the 'comments' page. my deepest apologies to all who entered a comment and got an error report. it is fixed now.
Aug30/2002 view problem of statistics page with IE6 fixed.
Sept14/2002 "submit 'roid positions" interface reworked. multiple entries possible now. first release of the "shop" page. several internal code changes to support Mogar's JGRot download handling ("MogarConsole").
Sept21/2002 changed layout of statistic pages. using 2 columns now.
Oct2/2002 added 2 new topics to the "Special Sec": picture gallery, Temp Outlaw story
Oct5/2002 another 'roid database cleanup finished. 52 entries deleted, 36 entries revised.
'roid database interface: selection of user specific entries now possible.
Oct12/2002 a copy of the 'Inno-JGT' (Jumpgate market tracker/best profit calculator) now running on myR server ('Specials' section).
Oct13/2002 added another short squad arti event report (squad page).
Oct19/2002 JGRot statistics page loading faster now. saving results, thus stopping recalculation on every page call.
Oct20/2002 linked CrashBang's picture gallery to the "Specials" sec.
Oct31/2002 improved rawdata download speed. reduced load on database due to data logging. added JGRot backup download to JGRot page and MogarConsole. Changed mySQL access parameters.
Nov3/2002 removed bug at rawdownload routines. changed layout somewhat.
Nov5/2002 optimized statistics functions (again). moved several code fragments to includes.
Nov19/2002 added few informations to 'Artifacts&Co.'
Dec1/2002 offering a 'JG server status backend' now (see 'Specials' section; still experimental)
Dec20/2002 introducing CronJobs(CJ). automatic database backup established. Jossh Server Status Backend (see 'Specials' sec) running with CJ now. status shown on myR main page.
Dec26/2002 enabled "approval of roid position by myR members". added info to "submit new 'roid position" page.
Dec30/2002 removed a bug in rawdata2.php file (db download). checking if new data available for download (thus forcing new server-side build of the download file) did not work properly.
Jan26/2003 removed bug in "submission of new roids" form. some sectors did not show up in selection field.
Feb7/2003 myRotacol boards moved from Quorx's site to the myR hoster. Not fully functional yet, though.
Feb8/2003 work on myRotacol boards V2 continued. info about squad(US) added to squad page. added "pilots online" statistic to the statistics section.
Mar8/2003 squad politics(EU) and arti pricing sections can be edited online by myR members now.
May4/2003 set the new "cms-like" site code online. changed layout to "light text, dark background". debugging begins.
May19/2003 color scheme selection enabled (3 styles). "Quote of the day" submission/edit now possible for myR members.
June3/2003 myR free email subscription now affords pilot's name and JG server (to reduce spam accounts)
Aug3/2003 reworked cronjob scripts for JG server status and online numbers. changes to EU jossh caused trouble, as it seems
Aug30/2003 added h4x0r translator page, added users online counter
Nov1/2003 reworked JGRotPro download page. first ingame browser edition online
Jan16/2004 introducing first WAP service
Feb20/2004 revised sql query for 'pilots online' menue, thus drastically reducing processing time until the selection pops up
May15/2004 added JGSMS support to the site (JG Short Message System by Drakkath); first version of JosshNews backend
May29/2004 move to another host started. expected downtime: a few days
May31/2004 reworked file download code, disabled some statistical evaluations
June10/2004 host change finished. domain reconnected. all things are back to normal operation (afaik)
June4/2005 as the JG EU server is going to close, the site was purged and prepared to focus on the remaining JG World Server (formerly known as US server). Several services were shut down permanently.
Sept15/2007 as a preparation for upcoming JGE, the myR Boards have been restarted again.
Feb23/2008 Work on the site discontinued.
May17/2012 Site shut down.
Jan14/2014 Online again. Hosted by

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