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Background console pictures

You can create your own console background picture and use it with JGRot ingame. Here is a "howto" by pilot Leuphan, quoted from the boards. For further informations or questions, visit the forums.

"1) The picture needs to be a 256x256 .bmp picture. If it's 255x255, there's a white edge to the right and bottom side of the display.

2) Down from the top 32 to 34 pixles is where the first line ends..That header that says what menu/submenu you're in.

3) The baseline where no text goes is 237 units down from the top (really it's 234 but i added a few pixles to deal with haning letters like j, y, and g).

4) When making a hud for JG, the color black (0,0,0) made it transparent. When making a console bmp the transparent color is 1,1,1."

JGRotPro ships with 3 background bitmaps by pilot timski. Here are additional ones (copy the graphics to your JGRotPro folder). Ah, and... send us your own creations !!

NOTE: The new JGRP "enlarged console mode" (doubled console width, ingame command "//wide") can screw up some of the console pictures here, as they are designed for standard size only.

"GrimConsole" by Pilot GrimGiz

Downloads so far: 1890

"MiqConsole1" by Pilot Miquant

Downloads so far: 1770

"Fatal Shadows Theme" by Pilot Tingle

Downloads so far: 1786

A combo of 6 console bitmaps, 2 for each faction by dssnider

Downloads so far: 1857

dssnider's Word Wrapper

This little console utility comes in very handy when you need to pre-format long text for use with the JGRotPro ingame console (e.g. *.dat files). It comes with full source.

Usage like: wordwrap [-<chars per line>] <filein> [<fileout>]

Downloads so far: 1751

dssnider's JGRotPro database files

dssnider created three *.dat files to be used with JGRotPro. Read ship reviews, Jossh information and about Quantar religion ingame !

Downloads so far: 2017

myRotacol Ingame Pages (mIP)

By using the (new) JGRP feature "ingame browser", regular web pages can be shown within JG. This is a collection of useful pages, some of them specifically designed for the needs when browsing ingame.
General informations on how to design ingame browser pages.
Current server status.

Submit new links here:

AddOn Feature

JGRotPro (jgrp) gives you the possibility to develop your own application, set up communication with jgrp and use it to show your own data ingame.

As for now, please check our forums (JGRotPro Open Beta thread) to see how this works. A definition of the AddOn communications protocol can be found here:

Download an AddOn and unzip. Run the AddOn, then start JGRotPro. Then, start Jumpgate. Ingame, additional jgrp features are available (select "Addon" in main Menue).

myRotacol Jossh Biblio V0.9
Lists (static) faction informations, compiled from Jossh. Enjoy reading faction facts when on long and boring mining trips... by Pilot Miquant (125 kB)
Downloads so far: 1944
JGRot Script 2.51 (file updated 12-14-03)
JGRot-script is an add on for JGRot that will let you use and create your own custom slash commands. originally by Pilot Isorg, continued by Pilot Anguish (517 kB)
Downloads so far: 1829
JGRot Script 2.51rev_Jan6 (file updated 1-6-04)
JGRot-script 2.51 with minor tweaks to work around problems on some systems. For details, see myR boards. originally by Pilot Isorg, continued by Pilot Anguish (517 kB)
Downloads so far: 1828
POS Inventory 1.04 b1 (file updated 1-12-04)
Check inventories of all (public) POS and search for special items ! by Pilot Mogar (502 kB)
Downloads so far: 2453
Squad Viewer 1.02 b1 (file updated 4-09-04)
View squads' or individual pilots' online stats ! by Pilot Mogar (332 kB)
Downloads so far: 2075
JGSMS Reader 1.00.1 (file updated 6-17-04)
Ingame Reader for the Jumpgate Short Message System by Pilot Mogar (382 kB)
Downloads so far: 1741

More useful things...
Updates and news concerning the DataBase (DB) section of JGRot. Run by Pilot timski, the DB author.

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