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The Darkspace Dispatch, a chronicle of the Jumpgate US game server published periodically by Including Dev updates !
2005-01-26 19:58:44 by Miquant; Clicks: 1596.
Jumpgate Economy site by tron. View economy stocks, historical and POS data.
2004-03-01 13:17:31 by Miquant; Clicks: 1832.
Fighting conflux ? Check there. Nice conflux spawn maps available at 'database' section.
2002-11-01 18:12:21 by Miquant; Clicks: 2657.
A dictionary of JG jargon (abbreviations, special names, etc.), done by timski. Very well done !
2002-10-04 12:43:48 by Miquant; Clicks: 2400.
"Xindaan's ugly but hopefully informative JG pages (and links)". They *are* informative. And not that ugly ;-)
2002-09-14 22:55:08 by Miquant; Clicks: 2132.
JGCENTRAL is the home site of The Brotherhood of the Stone, but is a public-access site with forums and lots of features.
2002-07-17 15:50:35 by Ambrosius; Clicks: 2417.
The service from the Institute of Pilot Statistics. Inspiring Pilots to the Next Level.
2002-06-07 19:01:06 by Nobilus; Clicks: 2290.
Homepage of JG WebTracker (pricing/best profit and info tool)
2002-05-17 22:07:50 by Miquant; Clicks: 2813.

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