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About Mysterious Findings...

(pic by David C. Mueller, Initiated by myRotacol Member DocMickey, we will list mysterious findings and places from the JG universe here. Feel free to contact DocMickey or myRotacol staff via email to submit your own discoveries or give additional informations !

Ekoo's Stop (-19.3 / 18.5 / 4.0)

by DocMickey

Itīs a huge (!) common asteroid, and you canīt mine em, and it seems thereīs a big hole in the midst.

Rounds of Quantos (14.1 / 1.7 / 12.3)

by DocMickey

Old wreckage.

Hyperion Gate (0.3 / 10.1 / -3.3)

by DocMickey

This is a nonmineable and huge roid, and it has wreckage parts on itīs surface (did count 3 of them)!


by Oru/miq

Pilot Oru claims to have found a weird roid formation, forming the word "BUTTONS" (click picture to enlarge). According to MG boards, this was (is) the name of a dev's dog.

Outer storm

by Jazzism/miq

Pilot Jazzism sent in some screenshots from wreckage found around the Outer Storm beacon. His guess is that it looks like parts of a docking port, possibly of a Quantar station (see the green color ?).

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