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New Asteroid Graphics

With patch 1.0097 (1/2005), asteroids got a new shiny look. See the new textures here (taken from an The Darkspace Dispatch article):

Common Ore
Common Ore

Ice Ore
Ice Ore

Precious Metals
Precious Metals

Radioactive Ore
Radioactive Ore

Silicon Ore
Silicon Ore

Types of Asteroids

There are 7 types of asteroids (read: materials) known in space. As there are

Common metals ‘roids
Nearly every asteroid floating in space can be mined and will give you this type of material.

Precious metals ‘roids
A combination of materials of some higher value. Rare.

Ice ‘roids
Frozen water, often found in solrain area. Rare.

Radio ‘roids
Radioactive materials, best thing to make money. Rare.

Semi ‘roids
Semifluxor materials. Rare.

Pure/special material ‘roid
Consists out of some special material (e.g. 'Antimon'). Can be mined for high profit. Very Rare. Look at our “snapshot section” for pictures !

Non-minable ‘roids
There are some asteroids known that look "quite special", but can not be mined (do whatever you want to them, your cargo bay will not fill...). Very rare (and of no use, too).

Targeting Asteroids

As 'roids can not be targeted directly (like e.g. beacons or stations), you can only find them on visual inspection. Better use the MODx Rotacol here. Once installed, you’ll get position coordinates that help you navigate.
the mighty
MODx Rotacol

Rotacol coordinates can be targeted. Just use the Comm Line Command /rotacol xx yy zz (where xx yy zz are your target coordinates; you can use values with or without decimal point. But use blanks for separation, no comma).
Now you can select this new target named 'Rotacol'. It persists even if you leave the sector. You get rid of your rotacol targets with /rotacoloff

Making Money with Mining

Especially for low-level pilots, mining is quite a good opportunity to gain some profit. Just to give you an impression, prices per unit are like this:
 Common metals  c1000
 Ice            c1900
 Radioactive    c6000
 Semifluxor     c5100
Please keep in mind that most ‘roids aren’t pure. So, mining 5 cargo units off a semifluxor asteroid will most probably not give you exactly 5 units of this material...

SPECIAL: Mining Pures 101 by Pilot marchmel, Knight of Quanus Templars

For those that want to earn bunches of money mining pure roids is a big thing. Armed with a mining ship, a biiig laser of Venurian Prospecting and this 101 mining pure roids is as easy as child's play.

To make one thing clear: puring with a ship that has less cargo than a transport is not appropriate and may result in angry co-miners. If you don't have that much cargo do missions and earn yourself a bigger ship.

Pure roids are roids that are made out of 100% pure commods. They exist in three sizes: 5, 12 or 25 units. The type of commod is randomly chosen as well as the size of the roids.

What do you need for a successful puring trip? You need a ship with large laser slots, big cargo, and medium speed. Turning speed, shield and missiles are not that important. Also a radar with at least 25K is important (with current spawn radius), best is the Amananth made Nubbler for his range is the double spawn radius. If you don't like flux and your ship allows it, fit a Anti-Flux device. It can boost your revenue about 10-20%. If you have room for a camera and a rotacol, put them in, but remember to fit some Flashfires. Now to the lasers: Of course you need some self defense. If you are a pro, have a Anti-Flux and work in a sector where seldom people pass and therefore spawn flux, you could use purgs as defence. But in most cases two sz.2 lasers will be a better choice. Ammo weapons are not good, because they hit bad, if the enemy circles your ship.

For example the standard equipment of a Quantar heavy miner is Financier Mk II, two Thorn, Sport+, Rush, Nubbler, Anti-Flux, Makk, Spore, two Purgatory, a Camera, Rotacol, and Flashfires.

Now that you have a nice ship choose a sector. You could take every non-station sector, but you might want to consider other things as well:
  • A good puring sector is close to a station, where you can sell your loot. That saves you a lot of flighttime.

  • A good puring sector is entered via the 000-gate. One of the jumpgates of a sector is the seed of the rotacol coordinate system. Therefore this gate is located at 0.0 0.0 0.0. You can easily find that gate even without a rotacol by hitting the 'J' key assuming standard keyboard config. You should notice that the radar target switches to the 000-gate. All pures spawn around the 000-gate.

  • A good puring sector has only a few roids within the spawn radius around the 000-gate. That makes it easy to find a pure just by looking on the radar.

  • A good puring sector spawns only few and small conflux. Nothing is worse than to sit in a heavy ship and see five c3 ripping armour off. Also the lesser the number of conflux you have to kill, the longer you can lick the roid.

  • A good puring sector has low traffic. If you have traffic they will sometimes spawn and dump flux. Most times miners have to clear up the mess made. For example you should not try to pure in Ekoo's Stop.

Of course every miner has his favourite spots and they are always a secret. So are mine. ;-)

Now go to that sector. Ask via f3 if someone in that sector is already puring. Most people don't like puring with others and get angry when you jump their claim. If you are at the 000-gate, look for a roid that is singled out. By that I mean that it is not in a formation with other roids. Alter the radar range for a better view. The current spawn range for EU server is 25K. If a candidate is within 10K from your ship and you have a camera, you can zoom at it to verify it is a pure. (Not sure how a pure looks like? Check myRotacol's snapshot section !)
If you are really confused by a number of roids within the spawn radius, you can use a trick that some consider as an exploit: If you have a slow internet connection, pure roids will disappear first when you jump out a sector. Therefore jump in and out and watch your radar until you find the pure one. This trick does not work for all people and I really don't think it is necessary if you chose a good sector.

You are at your pure. Mine it, until it pops. Currently you get 3000 exp per pop. It is nothing compared to what you might have eared when doing missions, but it can sum up. Large 25 unit roids sometimes behave bad. They don't want to pop in time. Sometimes you even have to mine 28 units until it pops. That takes lot of time but be assured: Every pure I saw popped at last. You can speed things up if you curse it and slap it - well at least time passes faster when you do so. ;-) As with normal roids you can circle the pure to increase the extraction rate. That is your choice.

Now that the pure is safly stored in your cargo, you can go and find the next one. You can even decide what the next roid will be! Look at your /cargo and you will see a trace of another commod. This will be the type of your next roid. If you don't see a trace you will get some commod you already have in your cargo.

Just one thing, from miner to miner. Please, don't start mining a pure and go away before it pops! The next one licking it will need ages to pop it. I spent 45 minutes on a large roid of Barium just to clear it and get the next roid. Decide in advance if you can mine it or not. Of course this rule doesn't apply when you are in danger.

When your ship is full or you don't want to navigate anymore with your heavy load, go for a station. Like I promised you should have made some fine credits and equipped the station with some needed raw commods, too. I do 2.25M/h in a standard heavy miner without Antiflux. *yumm* Of course you get more on a lucky day and less on a unlucky one.

Gaining Experience Points with Mining

You can get mining missions at every station. Selecting the mission before you launch might cause some problems if you don’t find the needed material (maybe your target is occupied or mined out). So better do mining first and select an appropriate mission after returning to station.
If you have enough cargo space, you can even mine different materials and select several missions after you got back to station. It’s possible to make about 10k exp points with one single mining run (if you have - let say - hurricane ship and several ‘roid positions).
Note: Quantar pilots get some extra bonus on mining missions. This means, if you have to bring in 8 units of material, you only need about 7.3 units to complete the mission goal (you get 10% on what you bring in).

Additional 'Roid Info

The following was posted Feb12,2002 as a comment to 'Asteroid Position Data Center Opened' (some advertising for by MajorFreak (reprint with permission):

hi hi...thanks for putting this darned teamekoo host site has been down for a week.
Anyways, i'd just like to inform who ever's out there exploring that each sector (including station sectors; excluding neutral station sectors) have at least 1 dozen rare roids. (at least one of each type of rare: pickle = rad; white = ice; mottleshadesofgrey = semiflux; white/grey/pokadots = precious)
there are 3 different size variations on each of the roid types (small~5units; medium~11units; large~22units)
Rare roids tend not to be clustered with other common roids, but there are exceptions to this rule.
Pure roids (the one's holding a single type of commodity) are all located within 10k of the main jumpgate in the sector. (one per sector)
Roids do not disappear when drained (they just slowly turn bright blue or a darker shade of darkblue).
Roids refresh 2units per hour *(might have changed)*. Roids have pretty constant compositions.
BTW, 'active mining' means you orbit a roid at ~15v (giving you an approximate x2 mining rate). FYI, quantar levelling tips are located here.

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