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Sector Mining Tour Planner (SMTP)

Note: In case you think "SMTP" stands for something completely different: You are wrong.

The idea was originally brought up by Pilot Antanael (EU). This is a first try to implement it.

How is this meant to work ?

In case you go for mining a special type of ore, what do you need ? Once you chose a sector, you should be able to go to all known ‘roids of the desired type. Additional to that, you should have a "mining tour" planned, giving you the overall way while flying from one ‘roid to another. This is what the SMTP does (or, at least, should do).

After having planned your journey, just copy/paste the data to a JGRot file, and start your voyage.

tour without SMTP planned tour

hm... got the point ?

Ways of calculating

If one starts to calculate the best connections (read: travel ways) between given ‘roids, soon a problem pops up: There are always x! unique waypoint combinations (permutations) to compute.

So, e.g. for 5 ‘roids, there will be 5! = 5*4*3*2*1 = 120 permutations. Having 10 waypoints, there are 3.628.800 permutations, and for 15 ‘roids there are... well... too much. This problem is commonly known as "TSP" (Traveling Salesman Problem), we re-name it to "TMP" here (Travelling Minership Problem, that is).

Trying to solve the TSP errr TMP problem by using complete numeric combination routines will end up in very long processing times. There are several approaches to solve that, all of them using high mathematics and some sort of "non-optimal" solution process (the provided solution might not be the best OF ALL possible solutions, just a good one). I found several links like


Anyway, as most of the things I found were interesting, but far too complicated for the common miner I am, so I decided to do it a more easy way (read: I didn’t get it; not at all).

Up to a certain number of ‘roid positions, SMTP does complete numeric calculation, thus it should present THE best (shortest) combination of waypoints.

In case the number of ‘roids exceed that certain limit, 50.000 random combinations of all waypoints are computed, the best one is finally filtered out. So, the results of the "random routines" may vary and not represent the overall best mining tour ("it’s A BIT optimized then, hehe").

Up to now, no journey starting point (like a JG) can be defined. The first ‘roid position presented by the solution is random.

SMTP is a local VC++ application that provides access to the myRotacol database file. The results are formatted to be used with JGRot. You must copy/paste it to a JGRot file.

The program is at an early development phase. Don’t expect it to be bug-free, and don’t use it on your company’s main server or any space mission control computers ;-)



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