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(ID1) Quantar cyclone mining 'reverse'
(Miquant 2002-01-05 19:59:13)
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(ID2) Quantar Tempest at ice 'roid (The Outer Lighthouse, Solrain Space)
(Miquant 2002-01-05 20:00:24)
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(ID3) Gust at Quantar Core Station, heating up a 'chip'
(Miquant 2002-01-05 20:01:42)
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(ID4) 'Ye old Cyclone doing some sightseeing at Quantar Depot
(Miquant 2002-01-05 20:03:22)
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(ID5) Mining a semifluxor 'roid at Ekoos Stop, Quantar Space
(Miquant 2002-01-05 20:04:55)
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(ID6) Asteroids get 'mined out' by time. Then flow of material will reduce, finally stop. This is a totally mined out piece of ice at cornea. This is a non persistent effect.
(Miquant 2002-01-05 21:29:06)
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(ID7) Tempest with 3 mining lasers on a semifluxor 'roid at Amananth.
(Miquant 2002-01-12 02:21:36)
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(ID8) Hurricane mining
(Miquant 2002-01-26 17:14:06)
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(ID9) Pilots heating up Hyperial station with (mining)lasers to help the station get rid of vermin (no... not the inhabitants ;-) )
(Miquant 2002-02-02 19:39:14)

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