Squad myRotacol: “A day at the infestation”

Tuesday, October1/02, we went to join the “final SkyBolt event” at Inner Aman. Due to some delay, we couldn’t make it there in time. CrashBang, our only member there, got stuck in Inner Aman and was shot later on.
As we others (MccBain, dgAlien, Homeworld and Miquant) arrived at Aman, all Sents were gone. Only a few TRI pilots were left there.
So, we took some nice snapshots, called it “a day at the infestation” (and finally left for some fun at the sim).

See the pictures (and a few others that myR members sent to me) here. Note: I’m testing the NetObjects Photogalery Component. Don’t expect it to be that comfortable (but it is easy for handling many pictures ).